Consider this product as a type of insurance policy. Taking Recoverthol before you drink will enable you to be on you’re A-game the next day. In our fast-paced lifestyles no-one can afford to underperform- especially when suboptimal performance is self-inflicted. We all enjoy a drink for time-to-time, but hangovers can be an unwanted side effect of having a good time. Characterized by the physical symptoms of headache, tremor, nausea and fatigue, hangovers have been linked to decreased occupational, cognitive and visual-spatial performance.

In the elite athletic arena, the impact of hangovers on performance has been well documented. Studies from USA indicate that hangover-related absenteeism and reduced job performance cost US businesses $148 billion / year (equating to $2000 per working adult per year). Additionally, from a risk management point of view, individuals performing safety-critical tasks with hangover related impairment might pose a risk to themselves and others despite having a normal blood alcohol level.

In our experience, an alcohol abstinence approach as a means of preventing hangovers is simply not adopted by most people. Modern medicine promotes a prevention is generally better than a cure philosophy. Recoverthol aligns with this philosophy by promoting the efficient metabolism of alcohol and preventing the symptoms of hangover- enabling you to be on you’re A-Game the next day.


“Wake up, Dad!” we need you – Wake up refreshed with Recoverthol.