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Crowdfunding Hangover? – Is there room for another “cure”?

No one likes a hangover! So the ever elusive search for hangover cures has spawned a vast number of hangover products that claim to solve the problem. The question is – have we reached peak hangover crowdfunding with the amount of hangover products on platforms such as Indiegogo?

Most hangover treatments attempt to relieve hangover symptoms the next day with an array of vitamins and exotic ingredients. Others claim to prevent hangovers by taking a flavoured drink or capsule prior to and during alcohol consumption. The problem is there is little to no solid scientific evidence to prove that these products are effective in reducing hangover symptoms- yet people continue to buy them in the hope of finding a golden bullet.

At Recoverthol, we truly believe we have created a scientifically formulated product that is not only simple to use, but is effective for the majority of people in preventing hangover symptoms. We have an upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign being launched on Indiegogo in October 2019- so please check out our pre-launch page.

Is Recoverthol easy to consume?

Recoverthol has patented a unique delivery method for it’s hangover product that allows people to ‘snap’ and ‘squeeze’ a small (2ml) vial of transparent liquid INTO their alcoholic drinks.

The beauty of the formulation is in its targeted delivery of active ingredients WHILST you are drinking alcohol- helping your body when you need it most. Another unique feature is that Recoverthol will not affect the taste of your drink. No more having to gulp down awful tasting shots or large tablets to manage your hangover symptoms- just SNAP and SQUEEZE Recoverthol into your first drink- IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Recoverthol vial
Add to your drink by ‘snapping’ and ‘squeezing’ the vial

Recoverthol is small enough to be carried in your handbag or pocket- you can take it anywhere, anytime. A lunch time tipple, or after work drinks- Recoverthol’s got you covered.

When do I take Recoverthol?

Recoverthol works most effectively when taken with your first alcoholic drink. The optimal dosage may differ from person to person, but as a rough guide we recommend one vial for each four to five standard drinks. Anecdotal reports suggest that two vials is generally the maximum most people require.

Add Recoverthol to a drink

Heard enough already and want to try it out? Check out our Hangover Crowdfunding pre-launch page.

Why and how does Recoverthol work?

Recoverthol was formulated on the basis of the science of alcohol metabolism. For the scientists out there, Recoverthol supplies additional cofactors and coenzymes that are the fuel for the Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) enzyme to process alcohol.

Alcohol Metabolism

Recoverthol has been specifically designed to be added to alcoholic drinks so that these cofactors and coenzymes can reach the ADH enzyme at the same time as alcohol. Your body only has enough of these cofactors to process about 1 standard drink per hour.

Still not convinced?

We understand if you are skeptical and we don’t blame you! The are so many hangover products already out there that don’t live up to expectations and more are trying to run their own hangover crowdfunding campaigns.

We urge you to check out the happy customers on our facebook page to see what people actually think about Recoverthol. The reviews speak for themselves.

Hangover Crowdfunding Reviews

What we can do for you – Our Hangover Crowdfunding Campaign

Since we know you will love Recoverthol when you try it, we are offering Recoverthol at significantly discounted prices (25-60%) during our upcoming Hangover Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo. We are looking to expand our distribution channels into overseas markets, and to fund the registration process involved.

Hangover Crowdfunding

We are so confident you will like Recoverthol that we are offering a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Check out our pre-launch page here. We are also celebrating our upcoming launch by offering 5 chances to win 12 boxes of Recoverthol ( free to enter).

Check out our blog for more information on Recoverthol and the hangover industry in general.

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