Replenish with Recoverthol

Introducing Recoverthol, a new liquid formulation that may assist in the management of hangover symptoms.

Just snap and squeeze one dose into your first drink without affecting the taste,

Recoverthol promotes the efficient metabolism of alcohol by replenishing the cofactors lost during alcohol consumption.

If you drink alcohol, talk to your pharmacist about Recoverthol.

Ask your pharmacist if Recoverthol is right for you.

Recoverthol is a liquid you put into your drink, to help manage hangover symptoms. It is simply an extra dose of ADH cofactors that your body already has. It contains ingredients that are found naturally in your body. When you drink alcohol you need more of these ingredients to promote the efficient metabolism of alcohol, and help manage hangover symptoms.

“Always read the label”, “use only as directed” and “if symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional” 

avoid a hangover Recoverthol 1 Pack "Drink Smart" (4 Vials)  (0706502230715)  (Recoverthol) $19.95
Party with protection Recoverthol 2 Pack "Sharing is caring"  (0706502164485)  (Recoverthol) $39.90 $37.95
Recoverthol 3 Pack "Going Out With Friends"  (0706502164492)  (Recoverthol) $59.85 $52.95
Recoverthol 4 Packs "Dinner With Friends"  (0706502164508)  (Recoverthol) $79.80 $69.95

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