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Learn how to drink responsibly

What is Responsibllllle-drinking?

Responsible drinking means that you drink with caution, in order to prevent harm to yourself, your family, or society at large. Responsible drinking means taking safety precautions. The effects of alcohol can impact upon your ability to make sound decisions, so you should take precautions before you start to drink. When your drinking is in check, you will be able to fulfil your responsibilities, both professionally and personally.

How to drink Responsibly?

Step One: Download 1 the Recoverthol App to understand and compare the effect of different drinks on your own body. Discover how long it will take for your body to clear a drink out of your system. Find out what time you will be sober. (BAC=0%).
Step Two: Drink Smart. Drink responsibly. Protect your body, family, and your ability to perform at your job the next day. Help manage the symptoms of hangover by adding Recoverthol to your first drink.
Step Three: Set your limit and stick to it. Use the App to see what time you will be sober, and allow sufficient time to sleep on top of that so that you’ll be on your A-game the next day.

How to drink with caution?

Any amount of alcohol can effect your health. Alcohol has short-term and long-term side effects. There is no way to avoid or prevent these side effects, other than to avoid alcohol altogether. If you do choose to drink alcohol, however, there are safety measures you can take:

  • Drinking slowly and in moderation
  • Following the guidlines according to your weight and gender
  • Counting your drinks
  • Rehydrating and replenishing the cofactors lost when you drink alcohol
  • Knowing when to stop
  • Allowing sufficient time to rest
  • Calculate your limit based on your weight and gender. You can now know how much is too much for you
  • Put your helmet on and protect yourself against the effects of alcohol on your health
  • Add a Recoverthol into your first drink and replenish the cofactors lost during alcohol consumption
  • Drink smart, set your limit, be on your A-game- because tomorrow matters!

Do you know how much is too much? Think again!

Alcohol is a drug that does not come with dosage instructions. The effect of alcohol on your body, amongst other factors, depends mostly on your weight and gender.

For example, for a 60kg female, a glass of white wine (150ml, 13.5% Alc =1.6 Standard drink) would take over 3.5 hours to clear out of her system. In comparison, the same drink would take 2 hours to clear for an 80kg male.

  • If a 60kg female starts drinking at 8.30pm, and she has 5 glasses of white wine, she will not be sober until 10.30am the next day!!! She would still be under the influence of alcohol when she arrives at work the next morning!!!
  • If an 80kg male starts drinking at 8.30pm and has 6 glasses of beer, he would not be sober until 8.30am the next day!!! He too, would still be under the influence of alcohol when he starts work at 8am the next morning!!!

If you think you know your limit with respect to alcohol, you are probably wrong. Download the free Recoverthol App and see for yourself. Use the App to see how much is too much for your body, based on your weight and gender.

The Recoverthol App is a self-quantifying tool that you can use to predict the effect of an alcoholic beverage on your body, prior to drinking. It keeps a track of how many standard drinks you have consumed, so that you can stick to the recommended guidelines. The app also calculates the time to sober, so that the user can estimate what time they would need to stop drinking in order to be sober for work the next day, or to allow for a good night’s sleep so that they can be on their A-game the next day.

Encouraging drinkers to refuse unwanted drinks has been identified as a protective behavioural strategy (PBSs) linked to reducing levels of overall alcohol consumption (Jongenelis et al., 2016). The Recoverthol App provides consumers with such a PBS, allowing estimates of time to sober based on alcohol already consumed, as well as future drinks anticipated. User’s of the App can then establish if additional drinks will inflate their required time to sober, and subsequently refuse further alcohol intake. Reference: Jongenelis, M.I., Pettigrew, S., Pratt, I.S., Chikritzhs, T., & Slevin, T. (2016). Predictors and outcomes of drinkers’ use of protective behavioural strategies. Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, 30(6), 639-647.

Do you know how to protect your health and economy from the effects of alcohol?

You already have enough naturally occurring alcohol dehydrogenase cofactors (i.e. Recoverthol) in your body to handle 1-2 standard drinks. If you drink more than that, you may be hungover or feel tired the next day. An extra dose of these cofactors WHILST drinking is essential in order to replenish what you have lost. If you do not replace these cofactors, you will run the risk of developing hangover symptoms including feeling tired and off your A-game the next day.

Do you know how to drink smart by setting your limit based on how your body handles alcohol?

Now that you know the same glass of wine has a different effect depending on your weight and gender, you can manage yourself accordingly. Maybe you will wait a while or have a lighter drink. Knowledge is the key, and prevention is better than cure.

At Recoverthol, we believe that you can enjoy the good things in life by being smart about the way in which you use alcohol. By pacing ourselves, being accountable for the amount of alcohol we drink, and using Recoverthol to support the way in which our bodies metabolise alcohol, we can all seize the day tomorrow, and live the life we want.

So, first know what is the effect of alcohol on your body. Find out how long it will take for your body to metabolise one standard drink? Take precautions, put your helmet on, and take Recoverthol before you drink.

Recoverthol is the sunscreen you need to use when you go out (drinking that is!).