avoid a hangover


Plus Daily Ltd

Plus Daily is an innovative Australian based company with original products, created by a group of dedicated pharmacists intending to start a vitamin revolution. Plus Daily is a long-established company with competencies, Intellectual Property (IP) and a history of developing liquid-form vitamin products and applications. Our company is focused on enhancing performance and improving health, by introducing a new way to manage hangover symptoms, including starting a “smart drinking revolution”  via the Recoverthol App. . We have developed an innovative product that is packaged in a snap open 2ml vial that can be added to any alcoholic drink, without altering the taste. Our product is designed to help manage the symptoms of hangover, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms the next day when they are in full swing. Recoverthol helps your liver metabolize alcohol efficiently. Our Company’s goal is to enhance human performance through the intelligent application of science. Our unique product offers an innovative solution to avoid a hangover, and maximize next day performance. The Recoverthol app is to designed increase consumer awareness about their drinking behaviour. It shows the effect of alcohol on an individual based on their weight and gender. It keeps a track of an individual number of drinks which studies have shown may reduce alcohol consumption.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Highlighting medication non-compliance as one of the root causes of increasing health care costs and poor health outcomes, Plus Daily initiated the development of an innovative vitamin delivery platform to promote maximum compliance by using a daily drinking ritual as a reminder system. The extension of Plus Daily’s liquid formulations to contain only active ingredients free from chemical additives, also provides an easy-to-swallow, healthier alternative to the tablets that currently saturate the vitamin market. Our latest product, Recoverthol, is a unique formulation designed to be added to alcoholic drinks to assists in management of hangover symptoms

Patents and IP

The Company owns a number of patents and intellectual property specifying the concept of a novel pharmaceutical dosage form and its applications.