avoid a hangover


Recoverthol is a liquid you put into your drink, to avoid a hangover. It contains ingredients that are found naturally in your body. When you drink alcohol you need more of these ingredients to prevent getting a hangover.

Recoverthol is a unique, Australian made liquid formulation of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) cofactors that can be added to alcoholic drinks to avoid a hangover. Recoverthol helps the liver to metabolise alcohol more efficiently, thereby avoiding the symptoms of hangover. You'll sleep better and wake up fresh. It is simply an extra dose of ADH cofactors that your body already has.

WHO recommends we should only drink 2 standard drinks per night, because that is what our liver can handle. But lets face it, sometimes we drink more that what we should. So when you indulge you need to have a Recoverthol. Without it, you are going to stress your liver.

Recoverthol is not a blend of amino acids or exotic herbs. Recoverthol is the only product that is scientifically formulated and tested, based on medical knowledge of alcohol metabolism.

Recoverthol is the real deal. It works, because it is simple and only has what your body needs. Everyone who has tried it says so too.

Recoverthol is not a blend of amino acids or exotic herbs. It is simply an extra dose of ADH cofactors that your body already has.

An extra dose of these cofactors WHILST you are drinking, is essential to replenish what you have used up in order to avoid a hangover.

When you drink, your liver gets to work using an alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme to slowly filter out the alcohol in your system. Now some people have more and some have less of this. Because you only have so much of this in your body if you drink more than what your liver can handle (i.e. 2 standard drinks), well the alcohol is going to tax your liver, interrupt your sleep, make you tired, and give you a hangover.

The selection of Recoverthol’s active ingredients was driven by a number of scientific principles and published research findings. On the basis of models of alcohol metabolism, increasing the amount of alcohol dehydrogenase cofactors, zinc, and nicotinamide within the body, will enhance alcohol metabolism. This will in turn, prevent the build up of acetaldehyde and the development of associated hangover symptoms. Indeed, it has also been proven scientifically and reported in scientific journals that administering nicotinamide to humans drinking high volumes of alcohol (750ml/ 70 g of alcohol) prevents the build up of acetaldehyde (Vopli et al., 1997).

When we exercise, we need extra water to rehydrate. The same principle applies when drinking alcohol. You need to replace the ADH cofactors that you have used up to avoid a hangover. So just like you have some water when you exercise, you need Recoverthol when you drink alcohol.

Just like you need to replace the water in your body when you exercise, Recoverthol replaces the cofactors that are used up when you drink alcohol to avoid a hangover.
Your liver is an important filter. When you drink alcohol, your liver becomes saturated with toxins and cannot filter these efficiently. These by-products of alcohol metabolism make you hungover and/or feeling tired the next day. Try Recoverthol and see the difference it makes, you’ll wake up fresh and energetic.

Add the contents of one to two vials to a drink just before consumption, or as directed by your health professional. Do not consume more than 4 vials per day. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner.

This product does not increase or decrease the affects of alcohol. The formulation helps the liver to metabolise alcohol more efficiently, and protects the liver from toxins that build up during the metabolism of alcohol.

Consumers are encouraged to eat before drinking, to always drink responsibly, and not to exceed their “routine” level of drinking by virtue of taking this product.

Recoverthol is tasteless in your drink. Recoverthol has been specifically designed to be added to alcoholic drinks (without adversely affecting taste).  Recoverthol contains no flavouring agents, and does not alter the taste or flavour of your drink.

Numerous studies have shown that alcohol disrupts your sleep. Drinking alcohol before sleep reduces rapid eye movement (REM) and the quality of sleep. This is due to the build-up acetaldehyde, a by-product of alcohol metabolism that is more toxic than alcohol itself. Recoverthol prevents the build-up of this toxic substance, so you will sleep better and you’ll wake up fresh.

Recoverthol is a TGA listed medicine. Recoverthol is manufactured in, and has been tested in Australia. Our GMP facility is FDA, TGA, and PIC’s approved, ensuring the highest standards of production and safety.

TGA mandates the testing of all ingredients pre-and post manufacturing for all complimentary products. Recoverthol is manufactured according to the TGA and FDA quality control and manufacturing standards for listed medicine.

There are no known side effects or adverse reactions. Recoverthol contains ingredients that are found naturally in your body. 

There are no known allergens in Recoverthol.

Recoverthol has 3 main points of difference to other hangover products:

  1. Recoverthol has been specifically designed to be added to alcoholic drinks (without adversely affecting taste).
  2. Recoverthol is taken in your first alcoholic drink, as opposed to being taken when hangover symptoms are in full swing (e.g., the morning after).
  3. Recoverthol is an easy to swallow liquid formulation that provides an alternative to hard to swallow tablets.

Recoverthol helps your liver to metabolize alcohol more efficiently. Our formulation supports the liver in processing alcohol more effectively, thereby avoiding the symptoms of hangover from developing. Reducing the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism in your body will enable you to sleep better and wake up fresh the next day- allowing you to fulfill work and family responsibilities.

  • Recoverthol has been estimated to increase NAD+ levels by 33% within 8 hours.
  • Recoverthol offers a higher absorption rate than tablets.
  • No more swallowing hard tablets.

Prevention is better than cure. Drink smart. Prepare ahead and feel good the next day. We believe this product will help improve your social life, your work performance, and the economy.

We all experience declining levels of NAD+ as we age. Since adequate NAD+ levels are critical to the most important cellular processes such as energy production, steroid synthesis and DNA repair, it is easy to understand that keeping our NAD+ levels up will promote wellness throughout life.

Yes. You can take Recoverthol on an empty stomach, but consumers are always advised to eat before and during alcohol consumption.

Research has shown that people frequently forget to take tablets, limiting the beneficial effects that they could be receiving from taking medicines in the way they were intended to be taken. In addition, many people do not like swallowing tablets. We have spent a lot of time and effort in designing a product that is both easy to swallow, and one that people will remember to take. Our liquid formulation can be simply added to your first drink. You don’t have to take hard tablets that are uncomfortable to swallow, and the formulation has been carefully prepared not to adversely affect the taste of your beer, whisky or wine, or whatever your drink of choice is.

This product is formulated in a solution that absorbs faster than tablets. The formula has been scientifically proven to prevent the excessive build up of toxins in the body that are responsible for the development of hangover symptoms.

People are cautioned that the product will not counteract the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Consumers are encouraged to eat whilst drinking alcohol, to stay hydrated, and to always drink responsibly. It is recommended that consumers do not exceed their “routine” level of drinking by virtue of taking the product.

Recoverthol does not increase or decrease the affects of alcohol. Recoverthol only helps the liver to metabolise alcohol more efficiently, and protects the liver from toxins that build up during the metabolism of alcohol.

Recoverthol should be considered as a type of insurance policy for “tomorrow”.

Just like buying car insurance does not make you drive recklessly, taking Recoverthol does not promote reckless drinking. Sensible drinking behaviour is typically modelled by those who plan ahead for the next day. Taking Recoverthol will ensure that you are on you’re A-game the next day, after a few drinks the night before. If people drink heavily whilst taking Recoverthol, hangover symptoms may still occur.

Extensive research and surveys have shown that 6.5% of the population binge drink. Hangover products have been available over the years with no effect on the above percentage of binge drinkers.

Most hangover products appear to be taken after a person experiences a hangover, which we believe is too late. We cannot stop people from drinking, but with Recoverthol, we can make sure they are well enough the next day to attend to their daily duties and responsibilities.

The bulk of ingested alcohol is metabolised in the liver and is initiated by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). This enzyme serves to break down ethanol molecules into compounds (or metabolites) that can be processed more easily by the body, but in order to do this, it requires two helper compounds, namely zinc ions and NAD cofactor (constructed using nicotinimde).

Levels of ADH in our liver and stomach have been reported to effectively detoxify about one drink each hour. When people drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour, alcohol cannot be metabolized efficiently. As a result of the inefficient metabolism of alcohol, acetaldehyde builds up causing the symptoms of hangover such as headache, fatigue, nausea, dehydration, dysphoria and sensitivity to light. By providing an additional supply of nicotinamide and zinc to the liver when drinking behavior exceeds one drink per hour, ADH driven metabolism of alcohol can carry on, preventing a build up of acetaldehyde, and the subsequent development of hangover symptoms.

Taking Recoverthol in your first alcoholic drink will help to support your liver in metabolising alcohol more efficiently. There are also other things you can do to prevent the development of hangover symptoms the next day, including:

  • Eat before and during consumption of alcohol. Drinking on an empty stomach increases the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your body. Always remember to eat something before you take your first drink.
  • Commit to your exact limit. Don’t exceed your routine level of drinking- if you have committed to drinking 2 drinks for the night, make sure you stick to that limit.
  • Drink slowly and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. Also, be sure to have a glass or two of water before going to sleep. Keeping your water intake up can reduce the effects of dehydration that you may experience after a night of drinking.
  • Stop drinking when you feel the effects of alcohol. When you feel intoxicated, it is a signal that your body has reached its limit with respect to metabolising the alcohol that you have already consumed. Take a break, and allow your body to break down the alcohol that you already have in your system.
  • Stay hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it’s important to drink lots of water before, during and after drinking. For every alcoholic drink, order a glass of water with ice and fresh lime.
  • Eat eggs. There’s actually some science behind this, egg contains the amino acid cysteine which can assist your liver in breaking down acetaldehyde from alcohol.