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Responsible drinking made easy with Recoverthol App

Embrace technology to benefit your health and safety. Did you know that 2 glasses of wine would take over 6 hours to clear for a 65Kg woman? Do you know how much pure alcohol is in your drink, and how it effects you based on your weight and gender? The Recoverthol App is designed to make responsible drinking easy and address this issue. This App calculates the effect of an alcoholic drink based on your body weight and gender. Together with Recoverthol that promotes the efficient metabolism of alcohol, this App will help you drink smart and avoid hangover symptoms.

The most advanced function of the app is the “if you do, if you don’t” feature, that allows the user see what may happen before they choose to have a drink. By knowing this information in advance, you may wait a while, or choose a lighter drink.

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The features of this app include:

  • Compare effect of alcoholic drinks based on weight & gender
  • Promotes smart drinking and responsible drinking
  • Standard drink calculator and tracker
  • Dosage reminder for Recoverthol
  • Interactive messaging system to promote responsible drinking
  • Time to sober calculator

Alcoholic drinks are not properly labelled with dosage instructions, based on weight and gender, as most pharmaceutical drugs are. The only effort that has been made to address this, is to use the “standard drinks” model to promote responsible drinking, recommended by the WHO.

Our innovative app has been designed to promote responsible drinking. Without it you are flying blind when drinking alcohol.

This is not an app to measure BAC, but it has been designed to compare standard drinks, taking into account the individual’s weight and gender. This application compares the ESTIMATED BAC for each drink and the time to clear based on alcohol pharmacokinetics research by E.M.P. Widmark.

A breathalyser can measure BAC, however, a breathalyser can not give the user information in advance about how much alcohol is in different drinks, or how long it will it take to be cleared based on weight and gender. Breathalysers are used after alcohol has already been consumed. Our app has been designed to calculate the pharmacokinetics of a drink, to be used before drinking.


WARNING and WAIVER. Plus Daily Limited (PDL) recommends that you do NOT drive a vehicle or operate machinery whilst affected by alcohol. This application should NOT be used to make any decision about whether or not to participate in activities whilst affected by alcohol. Plus Daily recommends responsible drinking.

THIS APP DOES NOT MEASURE YOUR BAC. This application compares different alcoholic drinks and the ESTIMATED Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) that can be reached, based on alcohol pharmacokinetics research by E.M.P. Widmark (using gender and body weight). This app cannot take into account other factors that are potentially relevant to measure your ACTUAL BAC, such as your genetic make-up, food and fluid intake, age, fatigue, or unique physical characteristics. Your actual BAC may be higher or lower than estimated by this application. THE MOST ACCURATE METHOD TO MEASURE THE %BAC IS USING A BREATHALYSER.

If you choose to use this application you agree that all data it may produce concerning your estimated BAC may contain inaccuracies or errors. You also agree that PDL makes no representation and gives no warranty concerning your actual BAC, the use of this application or decisions you may make about whether or not to participate in any activities at any time. As far as is permitted by law, you hereby waive any rights you may have against PDL arising from or related to, or any decisions you make based upon, your use of this application or the data it produces.

responsible drinking with Recoverthol App


responsible drinking with Recoverthol App