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Mum Central gives Recoverthol the Thumbs Up!

The Mum Central Team put Recoverthol to the test on a recent winery tour. They loved the next day results! So much so they gave Recoverthol their Mum’s Choice Award. They especially appreciated that they were at their best the next day when the kids were up early and they had chores to finish.

Developed by a Brisbane-pharmacist Recoverthol is designed for the symptomatic relief of hangover symptoms and is a listed TGA products and can be bought at a number of pharmacies Australia-wide.

“Honestly, I LOVE it. My friends LOVED it and I know you’re gonna LOVE it too.”

The Mum Central Team

Mum Central puts Recoverthol to the test

Mum Central is Australia’s premier lifestyle hub for women with a love for parenting and lifestyle, beauty and fashion, food and travel. Their network spans almost 800,000 mums nationwide and it is the go-to hub for Australian mums with a big emphasis on real stories from real women.

Click here to read the full Recoverthol article at Mum Central.

Mum Central was so impressed with Recoverthol they gave it their coveted Mum’s Choice Award.

mum's choice award

“Wine-o-clock with a dash of Recoverthol … because seriously,
who has time for a hangover?” Mum Central

Simply snap a vial of Recoverthol into your first drink and let it do its magic. The innovative formula contains cofactors which absorb faster than tablets, keep you replenished while you drink and promote the more efficient metabolism of alcohol.

The Recoverthol liquid is tasteless, odourless and transparent and therefore will not affect any alcohol you choose to drink. Recoverthol promotes the safe consumption of alcohol and has designed a mobile app to educate those who use Recoverthol.

If you are a busy mum who enjoys a wine or two after a busy day with the kids (like those from Mum Central) than try Recoverthol to be on your best the next day!

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